My name is Timi. 17 years old, I'm from Hungary.
Eminem, Bruno Mars, Paramore, FOB, Lana Del Rey,Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp,The Fault In Ours Stars, Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, Awkward, Game Of Thrones, books, yoga, try to live a healthier life. Madly in love with my boyfriend♥
Talk to me if you are bored, if you have a problem... :)
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  • "I’m not sure what I’ll do, but - well, I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want to live where things happen on a big scale"
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    "I must continue to follow the path I take now. If I do nothing, if I study nothing, if I cease searching, then, woe is me, I am lost. That is how I look at it — keep going, keep going come what may. But what is your final goal, you may ask. That goal will become clearer, will emerge slowly but surely, much as the rough draught turns into a sketch, and the sketch into a painting through the serious work done on it, through the elaboration of the original vague idea and through the consolidation of the first fleeting and passing thought". [x]

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    This time last year I was unemployed, broke, and suicidal.

    Today, I just got the keys to my first house.

    Give it time.

    Needed this today

    when you hear people preach that it gets better, they aren’t joking. if it’s not better yet, it will be. 

    this post could literally be saving lives rn and that is why i love this website.

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    Katrin Korfmann (Berlin) “Ariel Images”

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